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About Me

My name is Morgan Breden, I’m a web developer by trade. I’ve been a hobbyist since I was a child, and working in the field professionally since 2009. While I primarily work in the LAMP stack, my experience branches out into systems administration, desktop development, machine learning, robotics and more.

Open Source Projects

Some of my current OSS work includes:


A PHP 7.4+ Automatic Preloader

Phreloader provides a dynamic preload entrypoint for opcache by reading a project’s composer classmap. I built this autoloader the day PHP 7.4 was released in order to test the performance gains of the new preloading subsystem.


PHP Wrapper for the Google Perspective Comment Analyzer API

Comment-Analyzer is an API library that allows for the automatic evaluation of text in multiple languages via assesment criteria like overall toxicity, attacks on identity, insults, profanity, threats and more. This library is currently in use by multiple websites to cut down on user to user harassment.


Docker image for Laravel & the Laravel Vapor CI environment

Laradocker (and Vapor-Action) provide an up-to-date environment for automatically testing Laravel applications and deploying them to AWS Lambda via the Laravel Vapor CI system. This coupled CI/CD system is currently in use by multiple projects I touch on a day to day basis.


As mentioned above, I primarily work in the LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack - however my experience with other technologies is expansive. The lists below are those I am most familiar with and use regularly.

Languages: PHP, Python, Elixir, Node.JS, Javascript, C#, C

Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Phoenix, Express, Vue, React

Systems: Linux(Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS), Windows (7, 10 and Server 2019)

CI/CD Tools: PHPUnit, ExUnit, Mocha, Github Actions, Jenkins

Hardware: x86 PC, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, various COM appliances such as POS terminals, medical devices, manufacturing hardware.

Professional Work

I’m currently employed as a Developer by Codesmith Development in Atlanta GA. In the past I’ve worked for companies such as Sitelock, Grand Canyon University and Freedom Financial Network, among others.

Contractor Services

I currently provide Hosting, IT support, Web Security and Automation Consulting services to multiple small businesses. While I am not actively seeking new clients, please feel free to contact me using the form in the sidebar.